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Wilix95's Staff Aplication

on August 28th 2014, 15:21
To all the players on the foxcraft server.

Hello. My name is Guillermo, aka Wilix95. Im form Spain, Europe and im 19 y/o. I've been a player on this server pretty much since the start of last map, and if there was one thing I loved about this server the most it was the fact that it was a "Mindcrack alike server". Now, this was what Lars posted back then, but at the moment we are suffering from egocentrism and a large lack of group vision.

This server is meant to be here for us to build a nice community and work as a group, and not to act like you are the only one playing on it. And we have some problems due to people not thinking like that. For exampe, we got the nearest nether fortress monopolized by someone who built a farm, slabbed the rest of it and said it's "private", or people building iron farms without knowing that only community iron farms are allowed, among other things.

So, that is why I ask for the people on this server, not only staff members, that share my point of view, to allow me to have a voice on the server, in order to build a nicer community around it, based on sharing and helping each other. As Lars wanted it to be.

Why? You may ask. Why would you, over someone else who shares your point of view, should be the one to become a staff member? Well, first of all, I love the work Volfgang and Lars are doing, but we are lacking on people, I play on this server almost everyday, and i try to help each time there is someone lost or a dispute or any other problem. I already have access to the CoreProtection plugin, so i feel like i must help those who might need me. Which has given me experience on dealing with griefing and discussions between players. I dont want to build a stable and nice community, I want to help people build it, help them on finding the way towards it.

I know I'm not a native english speaker, but I've been studying in a bilingual Spanish/English school since i was 12 and for me it is almost like my native language. And I know i might be a bit young, but I have always been known for being mature and calm-minded.

Thanks for your time. I hope you consider it.
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Re: Wilix95's Staff Aplication

on August 28th 2014, 16:28
This is a good application but there are a few things I would like to point out first.

Iron Farms are not mandatory to be made public. Only farms built in the spawn chunks are. Private Iron farms are allowed.

I understand your point on the "Private" Wither farm nearest to spawn, and it has been brought to my attention many many times that it is a selfish thing, but currently there is nothing saying that it isn't allowed. The fort is quite large and there is much of it that is still available. Even still, the owner of said farm will be talked to and hopefully a peaceful solution can be found.

Everyone that plays on the server has access to /co i now. Mods are the only ones that can use rollback obviously though. Everyone also has a say in what goes on in the server. Nobody is ignored, so long as they speak up. That what this forum is for. If you don't speak up though, nothing is going to be fixed obviously.

Lastly, you said that you feel you're a bit young on the server, though frankly, at 19 years old, you aren't. Most of the people that play on Foxcraft are between the ages of 13 and 16. You must be able to help people of that age group while still maintaining the patience knowing that a lot of the players are younger than you and not as mature. I feel like that where a lot of the problems on the server come from. I will be making a post soon of a list of official server rules to be voted on that should be all inclusive and cover every dispute possible because I know the rules are kinda vague and implied right now.

Your application will be taken into consideration though because you are correct in that we need some more mods. So far we only have 4 mods, though most of the time it is only myself.
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