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Volfgang57's Staff Application

on January 16th 2014, 01:50
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IGN: Volfgang57

Location: USA

Age: 20

Reasons for Application: I would like to be a staff member/admin for a couple of reasons. My primary reason being that everytime someone says that they need some form of help, my first reaction is to try and help. This comes from running and owning two different servers in the past, both of which were not originally mine, but came into my possession due to the original owner stepping down and me being the most suitable candidate for the continuation of the server. Because of this I know not only how to handle in-game player disputes, be it with theft, griefing, or arguments between players, but also out-of-game issues such as plugin optimization, troubleshooting, and forum management.

My experience and age should be well considered in this application in that, while in some situations I may request a second opinion, for the most part I am able to make a decision right then and there. Also, I will admit that I have partaken in the use of cheating tools, such as X-Rays and flying, as well as mass-destruction tools as well (None of which have ever been used in this server, nor every will be). There is an advantage to this in that I know the techniques and behaviors used by griefers and how to counteract them, not only because I have had to deal with them myself, but because I have tried different things as a griefer and know the mindset of one.

You may make me a "trial" admin by giving me limited powers, or none at all if you wish, and observe how I handle different situations, or you can make me an admin based purely off this post. That choice is yours. I also understand the importance of admins not only enforcing rules of the server, but the ideals of the Owner as well.

Last of all, there is an obvious bonus to my location in that there can be an admin during the down-time of the server's homeland admins. There is a 7 hour difference I believe in my location and the location of the owner and current admins.    

Thank you for reading my application and considering my position as admin.
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Re: Volfgang57's Staff Application

on January 16th 2014, 03:01
Hello Volfgang57,

I want to congratulate you with your new position as a moderator. You will be undergoing a trial period for a certain amount of time. After that, we will let the community choose if you should either stay or get demoted.

Here is why I accepted you:
You have been a player since 2 days after release.
You know how a griefer/x-rayer works, which helps us prevent them.
It looks like you put time in this application, and it looks very well taken care of.
You are from the US, which means your English is fluent and you can be online at times the European administrators are not.

If you want the community to know you are undergoing a trial period, you should tell them yourselves.
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