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Rhinestar's staff application for the modded server.

on September 7th 2014, 11:25
I am applying for the modded server as I feel like that I have some of the most experience with mods of the Foxians and that I know what we should run on the server and what we shouldn't. Seeing as I don't play that much on the vanilla, I don't feel like I should be staff for the vanilla server.
I'm american btw so my ping will be really decent with the modded since ponch is hosting it in America Razz.

Accurate English; yup
Active player; on the modded server I will be.
Experience; a ton, I've helped ran alot of modded servers, I've been admin for at least 3 now.
Maturity. meh, you guys tell me.

Thought it might be a good idea since I know alot of the mods.
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