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Iron Titan Empty Iron Titan

on August 30th 2014, 19:16
Since the Iron Foundry project has stopped because nobody has touched it for weeks and i live just by it I am going to start a community Iron Titan, since the 1.8 prerelease is out already. Because ive done bigger farms in the past and i have participated in building farms of this magnitude in this and the older map I think I will do a very nice job, and all for free, of course Smile

Some people want to move the spawnchunks in order to build the farm away from the main town, but instead i think just building it up higher and making sure to label everything as it is being done will be enough, in adition that the spawn for new players will continue to be spawntown and not an ugly empty field like in hermitcraft. Also, this way everyone will be able to find the farm with no problem.

So unless someone has a problem with it i will start asap, in order to be ready to start placing doors and villagers once 1.8 is out and the server gets updated.
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Iron Titan Empty Re: Iron Titan

on August 31st 2014, 10:44
Go for it. If you need villagers just ask me.
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