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on February 9th 2014, 11:08
Real name: My name is Jelle

Minecraft name: jkleinvelds

Age: I'm currently 17 years old

Date of birth: The 12th of november 1996

Country of origin: The Netherlands

I currently live in: The Netherlands

What is your motivation to be a player on this server? I have been searching the MineCraftForums again lately because the last server I played on was getting really boring. I would like to have a new fresh start on a new server. Looking at your post this server seems like something I'd like to join. Also having a teamspeak for a server looks like a great idea. I like pure 100% vanilla servers which this server is and also this post has been getting a lot of attention so this must be a great server. I hope to be a part of the great community you got going on.

Something about yourself. I am a 17 year old guy who loves to make music, I play drums and the piano, I have my own DJ-set and I produce my own music. I have a band in which I play the drums. In my spare time I play games a lot. I played basketball for four years but I recently quit because I had awful coaches. For minecraft; I am a creative builder, who puts a lot of time into his builds. I also like the grinding part of minecraft, get lots of materials for a project or mine for hours long! I'm not the rager type and find it really annoying myself if people do rage. I'm easy going and can have a good time with everyone. Also I am a fun guy to be around with. In the beggining I can be a bit shy but that won't be for long!

Thanks for reading my application and hopefully I'll be accepted!
~ Jelle

(I also posted this on the MCforums)
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on February 9th 2014, 16:18
You already received a PM from me on the Minecraft Forums Smile!
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