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Who are we looking for? (Vanilla)

on January 15th 2014, 05:38
1/4 US/Canadian staff members
1/4 European staff members

We have a few requirements if you wish to submit an application as a staff member.
Accurate English;
Active player;
If none of these requirements are met, you will most likely be declined.

What if the new staff members abuse?
First of all, the only commands we have access to is setting a rolling back, banning, kicking, muting. And special rules still apply for new staff members.

But they can still ban us!
Correct, but only for a period of 24 hours. In that time, we can see why the user is banned and who banned him.

How will you choose new staff?
You need to be trustworthy, an experienced individual who can handle situations and not feel sorry about banning somebody just because he said 'I won't do it again, I promise!'. You don't give a warning; you handle. It is obvious enough that griefing, disrespecting members or staff and so on is not allowed.

The new staff members get a moderator position for a certain amount of time. After that, the community can decide whether the moderator stays or get demoted.

I want to apply! Where is the form I can fill in?
Use your creativity, tell us what you feel we need to know about you. If you really want a position in the staff team, you must put time and effort into it.

To everybody reading this, thank you for your interest.
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