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Update to Empty Update to

on September 23rd 2014, 22:31
Hello everyone! Sorry for the wait in getting the server back up today but the new updated introduced a few buggy mods that I had to isolate to get the server running. The change log for the ATLauncher Website is here in case you were wondering what is new in the Update:

SolarFlux 0.4b


AsieLib 0.3.1
Biomes O Plenty
Carpenter’s Blocks 3.2.8
Flans Mod 4.7.0
Simple Parts-Content Pack 4.7.0
Modern Warfare-Content Pack 4.7.0
ElectricalAge BETA-1.9_r41
SimplyJetpacks 1.1.1
Chisel 1.5.7
PorjectRed 4.4..9.49
InventoryTweaks 1.59-dev-155
Applied Energistics 2 rv1-beta-34
Biomes O Plenty 2.1..0.991
Ender IO
Ender Utilities 0.3.2
Equivalent Exchange 3 0.2.324
TIC Tooltips 1.1.11
Tails 1.1.1
Practicalities 0.2.1
MB Battlegear 2
GraveStone 2.9.6
Witchery 0.20.6
TwilightForest 2.3.2

Down Dated:
CodeChickenCore to fix recipe searching being slow or not responding in NEI.

MineTweaker Script to disable some broken weapons from weaponsmod.
Added Blood Magic tooltips to some of the common items used.

Also it seems NEI is working again and shouldn't be too wonky. Other than that come and get on the Updated server!!

Update to 259029


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Update to Empty Re: Update to

on September 23rd 2014, 22:34
HIGHFIVE!!! Everyone thank Ponch for his hard work!
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