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Server crashing out 28th august

on August 28th 2014, 18:37
Server has been crashing more then 10 times on 28th of august between 18:00 and 23:30(GMT+1)

I know this can happen. (maybe dos attacks or something)
Though after it gave me 2 deaths because it crashed while in fight i was kind of done with it for today Rolling Eyes .

Hope it will run smooth again soon...

It might be good to keep some sort of log about these crashes so that you have some hard files when contacting the hosting company.
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Re: Server crashing out 28th august

on August 29th 2014, 01:30
I'll second this. While it wasn't crashing when I was on, between 12pm and 14:00 (Central) the server was experiencing several heavy lag spikes and I timed out more than 10 times, which doesn't happen with my internet. I connected to several other servers and those all ran fine.

Have a look through the console, Vihrul, and see if you can find anything. Thanks
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Re: Server crashing out 28th august

on August 30th 2014, 11:07
If there are any serious issues with the server, I will post them here. But if it are minor issues (maintenance) I will reply to thread. There was maintenance 2 days ago which might have caused these lags. I myself was unable to log on and whitelist players.
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Re: Server crashing out 28th august

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