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The Slime Farm at Spawn Empty The Slime Farm at Spawn

on August 13th 2014, 00:21
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Hey everyone! It is Ponchieoo and I just wanted to let you know the Slime farm at spawn is working and is free for everyone to take as many slime balls as you please. The Building's landscape is not complete but here it is right now:
The Slime Farm at Spawn 2014-011
The Slime Farm at Spawn 2014-012
The Slime Farm at Spawn 2014-013

I am growing a large tree in front, and I know that the slimeball pixel art is off centered xD

I worked really hard on this project and hope you all get a load of slime balls out of the deal! If you want to leave a donation go back behind the building and there is a chest inside.

The market has a plot at spawn:
The Slime Farm at Spawn 2014-014

Thats all!

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