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twogbsd's whitelist request!

on April 14th 2014, 22:41
Real name: Luke

Minecraft name: twogbsd

Age: 15

Date of birth: 10/07/1998

Country of origin: USA

I currently live in: California, USA

What is your motivation to be a player on this server?: Well, I wanna play on a vanilla server that hasn't been overrun with noobs and doesn't have the terrain all torn up. I am hoping a whitelisted server is what I'm looking for.

Something about yourself: I am a really cool guy and I like to play Minecraft and Call of Duty. I like to build towns on Minecraft and I am pretty handy with redstone (imo at least). I've been on a small nonwhitelisted bukkit server for a while now, but its getting boring with everything being basically handed to me.

I hope I am accepted! Very Happy
You can also add me on skype if you'd like. My username is twogbsd.
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Re: twogbsd's whitelist request!

on April 14th 2014, 23:45
Sorry, but the server has been shut down. There's another server that's been started by some former players of Foxcraft. Look around on the forums and you can find it.


Re: twogbsd's whitelist request!

on April 15th 2014, 02:56
Oh, well, thats not wow.
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Re: twogbsd's whitelist request!

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