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Fox Craft Server Review Empty Fox Craft Server Review

on March 3rd 2014, 19:34
Fox Craft Server Review

                                     Now I know that people might not take me seriously for two reasons, 1 because I am brand new to the forums in general, and two because I am not really important but still I wanted to write a review for this server which has made me come alive in the past couple weeks! So here I am typing this in Word and eventually (after much revision) going to paste this into that box and thinking to myself... how in the world am I going to express my love for this server to these random people who barely know about it! Well let me start of with saying the obvious, THIS IS AN AMAZING SERVER!!!!! I have made so many friends and have spent hours on this server every day! The Fox Craft server has a community unlike any other with a beautiful set of staff members. This server is standard Vanilla with just a couple of commands such as /AFK (which is my favorite!) and also /CO or /CEO (sorry I forget it) which is obtained by either being a staff member, donator, or something else which I am not sure. (Please leave a reply if you know what the third option and if you know what the command is!)  This server is also amazing in the way that we all work. Such as helping someone out by mining out something or giving someone a couple of diamonds to help them out (Thx Banksy!!!!). Also this is the type of world where you can spend years on and just endlessly build and build and build! Personally I think that this should be a world-reknown server but honestly, I love our small community of people all kind and helpful to one another and embracing anyone who is new! So if you are looking for a beautiful, fun Vanilla Minecraft server, just put your magnifying glass down because your search is over!
All in all this is a server that everyone should play on and so should you.

Hope to see you out there new recruits!!!

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5 Diamonds all the way!

-12 year old Minecrafter/hopeful author Peter8169
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