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Request's Whitelist Application Empty Request's Whitelist Application

on February 23rd 2014, 03:07
Real name: Zach
Minecraft name: xwXRequestXwx
Age: 18
Date of birth: August 11 ,1995
Country of origin: Canada
I currently live in: Canada

What is your motivation to be a player on this server?
I've some buddies that'd be playing too. I've been looking for a server since the one our buddies hosted closed up, so it'l be nice to finally get that settled. Specs look pretty rad (why do you have 36 hdd's *-*), much better than the server we rented.

Something about yourself.
I'm a comp. sci. major, I play guitar, and I've been playing minecraft since ~1.6. On my last server, I had the role of regulator, so I helped out with minor transgressions, whitelistings, low leveled moderator stuff. EZPZ tasks really.

Anyways, pretty excited to check out this server. Cheers!
- Zach
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Request's Whitelist Application Empty Re: Request's Whitelist Application

on February 23rd 2014, 07:26
Greetings Zach,

You are now whitelisted on Fox Craft. Below are a few important links/things you might want to write down somewhere!

Minecraft IP 1:
Minecraft IP 2:
TeamSpeak 3 IP 1:
TeamSpeak 3 IP 2:

Forum post:

Support email: [24 hour maximum respond-time]
Community forums:

We hope you enjoy your stay,
Lars. Owner of Fox Craft.
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