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Nightfury-application Empty Nightfury-application

on January 24th 2014, 10:57
Real name: Dario
Minecraft name: Nightfury
Age: 19
Date of birth: 20-12-1994
Country of origin: Croatia
I currently live in: Croatia
What is your motivation to be a player on Fox Craft?

I was searching for a PVE focused server and I didn't have much luck with that due to most servers being either premium or PVP.
As I was googling and searching I came across your server info on some minecraft forum (can't remember which one exactly). The info you provided
was exactly what I was looking for. I would say the fact this community is rather small to medium in numbers is what's truly awesome.

Is there something we should know about you?
Regarding minecraft; due to the fact I haven't been playing this game actively (mainly because servers I played on shut down after 2,3 months), my in-game knowledge isn't superb but I know all the basics (I am terrible with the redstone though Razz). I don't like to engage in to PVP (that's the whole point of me applying), don't like to travel much and enjoy living my minecraft life as a farmer Very Happy
Regarding myself; I'm somewhat communicative (not the one to usually start conversations), fairly tolerant towards others, respectful and I avoid meaningless arguments whenever I can.
I'm willing to help if someone asks for it and I can easily admit if I make a mistake.

Something about yourself.
Since I am attending at a University I may be inactive during exams or when I get assigned with a lot of work. In free time I like to watch good movies/shows/anime, go to a sport center and kick ass in table tennis Very Happy or simply play video games

Feel free to ask me if you have any questions.



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Nightfury-application Empty Re: Nightfury-application

on January 24th 2014, 11:49
Greetings Dario,

You are now whitelisted on Fox Craft. Below are a few important links/things you might want to write down somewhere!

Minecraft IP 1:
Minecraft IP 2:
TeamSpeak 3 IP 1:
TeamSpeak 3 IP 2:

Forum post:

Support email: [24 hour maximum respond-time]
Community forums:

We hope you enjoy your stay,
Lars. Owner of Fox Craft.
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