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This server is TAKING OFF!

on January 24th 2014, 00:03
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Before you get excited, no it's not cloths being taking off, but this server is growing each and every day! New members, old members staying, less and less grieving, and getting down to people you can trust, bargain with, and sell your goods to! The spawn is becoming HUGE, the nether hub is starting to connect everything, and your everyday houses are becoming mansions! I'm enjoying myself more and more on the server daily. If you are looking for an specific item you can easily ask someone to point you in the right direction, buy it off someone, or get lucky enough to borrow or have it from someone! Can't thank Varul enough for starting up this server and being super responsive and fast to act in any given situation thrown at him! Going to start posting YouTube videos on my own channel and in doing so hope it continues to help grow this server and push it further then anyone imagined!
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Re: This server is TAKING OFF!

on January 24th 2014, 03:48
That Varul guy sounds like an awesome dude.

- Definitely not Varul.
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