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Huston - We have lift off. (New Host) Empty Huston - We have lift off. (New Host)

on October 8th 2014, 00:27
Okay, I admit it guys.. I'm putting this out there but, I'm a nerd when it comes to computers. And in light of recent news related to FoxModded we switched hosts! Putting two and two together lets make a nerd post about the Specs and what you should expect from the new Host!!

Server IP:

Okay, First off the reason I switched the hosts was because alot of people were complaining about the lag that they were experiencing and that made me really Sad because I couldn't do anything about it. The reason being is that I could of put 500$ more dollars into that Host and it still wouldn't improve the performance. It wasn't the RAM that was knocking us down. With 10 people on we were around 90% Usuage on Ram. It was the CPU load that was dragging us backwards.

Here is a cool page of the old Cpu from the old host and the Cpus from the new host:

Our new host uses 1650v3s  -  The graphs are misleading, It is a really good CPU and has 4 more cores than the old ones. Also another issue was that MCPro was a bigger company and bigger companies usually just mash a bunch of servers on the same board but thats a different story...

Also in case you are wondering We now run through "The Smelter" Hosting. I chose them for the following reasons:

  • Better Ram (DDR4)
  • Better CPU with 4 more Cores
  • Smaller company
  • More Premium choice

Help out:
With those advantages I must say something to the community of Fox Modded...
       This Server is no cheap plan. When looking for a new Server Company I felt we as a community must be rewarded for how awesome we are. And I did, I rewarded you guys with this amazing Zero Lag host, but it does cost a bit more. I ask one thing of you guys and that is to contribute a few bucks. This server does cost more than the last and I really need the donations to keep it going and I had to cut back 1 GB of Ram. If we get 20$ More from different donators we will upgrade to another GB. I'm not working at the moment and the only way I see this server going all the way to the new year is if I get some donations. Its not just me here guys. Its all of you, and this is the only thing I ask: Donate a dollar, it goes a long way.

Thank you and have an amazing time on the new lag-free server Smile

Huston - We have lift off. (New Host) Img_8210

Donate: or /buy in game
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