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Rem's Whitelist Application Empty Rem's Whitelist Application

on September 15th 2014, 20:59

Real name: Rem (Prefer not to say last name just for privacy reasons)
Minecraft name: I_Am_Remster
Age: 13
Date of birth: 8/27/2001
Country of origin: USA
I currently live in: Midwest USA Central time
What is your motivation to be a player on Fox Craft?: I've been looking for a great SMP server and found your Modsauce server on the Minecraft Forums and then came here and saw an SMP! Plus there are no GREAT SMP servers anymore and I think this is the one!
Is there something we should know about you?: Skype is "i_am_remster" I play baseball, basketball, football, PS3 and love to chill on the internet!
Something about yourself. My favorite color is yellow and I also go by Zuduz!

~Thanks for reading this, Rem
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