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Cleaning spawn Empty Cleaning spawn

on September 2nd 2014, 15:58
Well, since I cant work on the Iron Titan untill Saturday I was thinking on doing a big cleaning at spawn, torch everything up, fixing creeperholes and endermen devastation, flattening some crappy terrain.

But i have to ask permision to the mods for this other thing, getting rid of old builds that nobody use and are not even finished, in order to expand spawntown and add space for new shops to be added. I will put a sign and leave it a few days for the owners to know that if they are not thinking of finishing it it will be torn down.

Thats all, tell me if you seem to disagree
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Cleaning spawn Empty Re: Cleaning spawn

on September 2nd 2014, 18:35
If you can, post signs on all the builds you want demolished, and they will be reviewed. Bonus points if you can take screenshots of the builds and post them here. I agree spawn needs to be cleaned up, possibly even redone.
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