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The Old Map Download Empty The Old Map Download

on August 30th 2014, 13:40
Hey yo everyone! It is Ponchieoo! Recently Alot of people have been asking about the old map and old world download and to tell you the truth the most recent of recent map file was deleted along with the corruption of the server host back in March. But there is still some light to the story, I have had a map file for the old Foxcraft world, It was my creative world file for the server so there are a few things different around but overall it still captures the layout of old spawn town and some of the bases that you guys built. The File has been with me pretty long so alot of things are missing like flower pots, item frames ect. as I worked in the Snapshots with the file. But here you all go, here is foxcraft 1.0:

*NOTE* The Nether and end are not part of the download, I never had them anyways.
*This download was before the spawn beautification act, so spawn is actually quite ugly in this file :p
*The Markets aren't original and so is the Forge, I was working stuff with them in creative

Have Fun with the World Download!!


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The Old Map Download Empty Re: The Old Map Download

on September 1st 2014, 07:31
Oh, i love it, thanks ponch, it isnt that old, is knida recent, and spawn looks beautifull anyway.

Finally i can finish my house (using creative of course, since all the chests in the map are empty), ill post a few screenshots of my old base now finished.

The Old Map Download 2014_09_01_12_11_16

The Old Map Download 2014_09_01_12_12_24

The Old Map Download 2014_09_01_12_12_50

The Old Map Download 2014_09_01_12_13_09

The Old Map Download 2014_09_01_12_23_22
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